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Blue®M Tongue Scraper

Blue®M Tongue Scraper

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This scraper honors the ancient Ayurvedic ritual. It removes bacteria hosted on your tongue, freeing you from bad breath.

✓ Precision Tooling
✓ Ultimate Tongue Cleaner
✓ Improves Sense of Taste
✓ Bad Breath Control

Why we made this

We made this tool to complete the daily oral care routine. This Ayurvedic ritual is now available in a modern version to thoroughly clean the tongue. Which results in the elimination of bad bacteria and a better breath. The bonus however is a better taste, which will improve your digestion, prevents illness and ultimately will elevate your life.

How you use it

This scraper will clean, refresh and improve your oral and overall health in a simple way. Use the tongue scraper twice a day: in the morning to ensure the maximum effect towards a fresh breath during the day, and in the evening to go to sleep with as little bacteria in your mouth as possible.

The scraper consists of two parts in one: use the wide part to clean across the entire width of the tongue, and the narrow end to remove the most stubborn plaque and bacteria from the deeper middle part of the tongue (the middle lane, so to speak). Scrape gently, not too hard or too fast, across the tongue from back to front.

bluem how you use it

Substance over flash

True to our mission, we double down on what’s essential and cut out superfluous elements. This seemingly simple design is the perfect tool to help you clean your tongue, get rid of bacteria and improve your digestive system. Kindly recycle at the end of its lifetime.

bluem substance over flash
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