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Blue®M Sonic+ Toothbrush

Blue®M Sonic+ Toothbrush

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Triple functionality, electric toothbrush with sonic vibration power. Essential for a meticulous daily oral care ritual.

✓ Precision Tooling
✓ Sonic Vibration Power
✓ Ultimate Teeth Cleaner
✓  Slim design, Maximum Reach
✓ Gums Conditioner

Why we made this

The Sonic+ toothbrush is here to help you elevate your oral health. Driven by sonic technology, it has a triple functionality that enables you to maximise the quality of both your gums and teeth as well as enhance whitening. Especially in combination with our blue®m toothpaste. This brush is by far the best choice for a loving and healthy day-to-day oral care routine. It’s the electric toothbrush kids love.

How you use it

Unlike the manual toothbrush, you allow the Sonic+ toothbrush to do the work for you for a slightly longer brushing time than usual. 

Place the brush head in a 45 degree angle and move the brush slowly, using minimal pressure, from tooth to tooth. Go back and forth for the longer bristles to reach between your teeth. Work from quadrant to quadrant, the timer will remind you to switch to each of the 4 sections in your mouth. Use the massage mode after cleaning and extend your oral care ritual with an extra minute. To effectively clean your teeth, use blue®m toothpaste. It is relatively liquid and makes your toothbrush more effective in removing plaque. Replace the toothbrush head of your Sonic+ toothbrush every 3 to 4 months.

bluem sonic toothbrush head

Substance over flash

True to our mission, we double down on what’s essential and cut out superfluous elements. This seemingly simple design is an ideal daily oral care assistant. The three modes will do the trick, as well as the high speed vibrating brush hairs. The slim and relatively long design makes it easier to reach the back of the mouth. Its brush head has an oval shape in order to reach more teeth and molars with one brushing motion. And… kids just love the tingly sensation, making the brushing ritual more attractive.The brush comes with two high density soft brush heads and a USB charging station.

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